Astrazeneca co-owns lynparza, the leader parp inhibitor in market for certain types of advanced cancer. 
but, instead of promoting its product, we believed preventive medicine was the way to go.
We created an unbranded emotional campaign by igniting the conversation of why getting brca tested matters.
the craft and detailed put onto this video is our tribute to the amount of care and thought put into each diagnosis. 
We first shot live action to be faithful to the movements, shapes, and lights reflections once we went into post. 
Once we capture that, we replicate each scene. Each scene has unique multiple hand drawn and hand painted frames that conveys a truly emotional and beautiful story.
Made with ♥ by TBWA\HEalthCollective 
ECD: Bruno Bomediano
Creative director COPY: Daniela Varela
Creative director art: Barbara Eibel
Creative team: Heidi Weiss, Victoria Lim, Tom Sullivan
Production house: the youth
Project Manager: christine szendi 
Account director: Joretta rahmin, Anu patel
medical strategist: grace carroll 
Strategist: jess carlson

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