I believe everything is better when shared. That's why I always try to give back. 
Teaching is one of the most full-filling activities I'm grateful to do.
 It pushes me to think ways on how to motivate those who are just starting with resilience and passion.
It also requires me to stay fresh, updated and on-the-now in return. 
Narratives & Language Course at UCU
Ads, News and Context Course at UCU
Communications Theory Course at UCU
Creativity Workshop at Brother

I performed Creativity and Strategic Workshops for 2 and a half years in Universidad Catolica del Uruguay

where I'm still currently a guest lecturer. I also do inspirational talks in Instituto Crandon and Brother Creative School.

Written articles based on my talks and lectures can be found at Medium.
I'm a passionate believer of merging the imaginary-yet-perceived-as-real gap between Academia and the working field. 

This is why I considered myself as a "hands-on researcher": I continue to be in touch with the Academic field as much

as I can while nourishing from my day to day work and vice-versa, feeding my researches with work-based insights.

I pursued my research in Narratives, Storytelling and Algorithmic Culture Technologies.

It is important to know how we tell stories in order to understand how we describe ours

and how we demand other stories to be told and represented fairly. 

 My research has taken me from Uruguay to Argentina, Sweden, Portugal and Canada, where I could share my thoughts. 

Soon, you'll be able to read some of my findings on the upcoming book "Netflix at the Nexus" (Peter Lang Publishings, 2019)
Presenting my Research in Universidade Catolica Portuguesa
International Guest in "Todo Pasa" - Oceaáno FM Uruguay
At the Association of Internet Researchers 2018
NYFA 2019
Thank you Universidad Catolica del Uruguay, Brother Escuela de CreativosSemester at SeaSodertorn Hogskola, Universidade Catolica Portuguesa and Association of Internet Researchers and to all the outstanding mentors I got the pleasure to meet along the way, for teaching and inspiring me. 
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