We knew there was inequality. We knew access to supplies was restricted, and then of course… the pink tax. But we had no idea just how dire it was.
We needed to do something.  And why, you may wonder? Just because we can.

We are moms. We are daughters. We are women. We bleed. We have experienced it all: periods, cramps, IVF, egg freezing, labor, and even perimenopause. We are extremely aware of our privilege. And we are here, together with our bodies, for the long haul.
everyone should be able to afford taking care of their body the best and healthiest way possible. 
We’re five coworkers turned partners; communicators who have banded together to bring awareness and stimulate change. Hence, we created www.notapad.org, a platform designed with two groups in mind - those who need help and those who want to help.

We have partnered with PERIOD, a global youth-powered non-profit that strives to end period poverty and stigma through advocacy, education, and service. 
On Saturday, October 14th, we launched #NotAPad initiative in tandem with PERIOD’s Period Action Day in order to help them reach they goal: 1 million menstrual products in 1 day. 
We’ve reached out to multiple media partners who graciously donated their out-of-home more than 4000+ media placements in NY, Seattle, Chicago, and LA, representing 2.623.553 (free!) impressions but we believe that’s just the start of telling our story, building awareness, and driving support for those in need.

We also created a press-kit including a stamped newspaper with that stats, 2 actual pads, and a note driving them to our website to learn more about the project. 
No one should have to choose between affording menstrual products or being forced to use cheap and unhealthy alternatives.
made with ♥ by Amy Gerstein, Barbara Eibel, Daniela Varela, Molly Laughlin, Paola Torres 

It takes a village to change the world. Special thanks to TBWA\Health Collective & TBWA\Worldhealth & Robin Shapiro, Carlene Esposito, Jonathan Issacs, Carly Wengrover, Faye Raincock, Asheden Hill, Tricia Higgings, JungEun Han. 

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