KaiOS is the latest operating system that brings the best of smartphones to affordable devices. In a nut shell: it provides dummy phones with Internet access. Considered one the greatest invention of 2019 by Time Magazine, this company was struggling with immense growth in super short time, facing many marketing challenges: 
- They had outgrown their original message. 
- They were losing consistency, coherency and clarity across their different channels and marketing assets.
- They needed a brand revamp - their past assets didn't reflect a tech, edgy brand. 
- They needed a core matrix to keep consistency yet relevancy when it came to nailing messages for their different stakeholders (partners, retail shops and developers).
They had a purpose, they just didn't know how to communicate it. KaiOS is committed to make Internet access available and affordable to everyone. Hence, we started looking for insights that could help us communicate this commitment. 
Internet access means excitement, possibility, and potential. Going online opens up new, unknown, and unexpected opportunities for connection and self-realization.
Brand Manifesto:
By always competing for bigger and faster
we forget what really matters about technology:
it opens up new possibilities for individuals, organizations, and society
allowing them to reach their full potential.
At KaiOS we see opportunities where others don’t
We dare to say yes when others say no
We jump in when others jump off.
This is how we, together with our partners,
Empower people to become agents of change.
Inspiring each other to do and achieve more.
KaiOS reimagines the possibilities for all
by connecting countries, people, and ideas
one phone at a time.
KaiOS, enable tomorrow
After several on-site workshops in Mountain View, Paris and Hong Kong, with much hands-on meetings with the client, we reached to this amazing manifesto that served as our north for developing all the assets KaiOS needed: brand guidelines, partners play book, developers tool kit, retail teaching book, website revamp, office look and feel, World Mobile Congress booths and other events presence. 
We also did a little introductory video:
Brand guidelines:
Office look and feel: 
The rebranding process I just described was by no means straightforward. When we started thinking about updating the brand, KaiOS had less than 200 employees and around 25 million users. By the time we finished, they were close to 300 employees and over 100 million users. I guess we did a good job :)
made with ♥ by Orchid Creation 
Executive Lead: Vivien Jallade
Account Manager: Carlino Ho
Creative Directors: Daniela Varela, Haziq Yussof, Fede Stoltzing
Brand Strategists: Sarah Moussa, Emily Trampont, Daniela Varela
Art Directors: Haziq Yussof, Pink Wongvachara, Iris Bruguiere, Ming Hsuan Lee
Copywriters: Daniela Varela

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