Brand guidelines book, from brainstorming process and planning, to the actual articulation of Honest's brand story, it's product KV and packaging alignments, shopper & retail display as well as event proposals and product innovations.
We also suggested the social media messaging and photography for it's launch. 
As well as their in-store KV and posters. 
Our swag was source of inspiration for their POS pop ups and internal event launches such as
Coca-Cola WEBU All Hands meeting.
Our work for the Honest Organic portfolio gained us the opportunity to work and collaborate with the whole still  beverage portfolio (juices, milks and waters such as Smartwater, Aquarius, Fuze and Adez) without pitching, representing a 2M business for the agency. 
Made with ♥ by Orchid Creation and Morillas Agency.

Creative Director: Daniela Varela 
Creative Strategist: Sophie Tran, Miriam Miralles, Daniela Varela 
Art Director: Sylvain Brajoux, Ana Duje, Flavio Montiel 
Graphic Designer: Gabrielle Lahuerta, Alizee Capelier 
Copywriter: Daniela Varela
3D Artists: Flavio Montiel, Thais Altes, Bernat Casasnovas 
Motion Graphic Designer: Marina Sanjuan, Noe Isenegger
Project Manager: Miriam Miralles 

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