Benefit Cosmetics are like your super funny, free-spirited, badass girlfriends.
You count on them to always have your back, to break some rules and be down for a good time.

By collaborating closely with the brand, we took its biggest asset: their packaging aesthetic and created a fun character that delivers the brand's promise. 

We wanted to spread the laugh and were more-than-happy (pun intended) to communicate this joyful global message around 44 countries.
The success was such that we did the Miss Happy Campaign 2.0 for the following summer.
made with  by Orchid Creation

3D Creative Team Lead and 3D Artist: Bernat Casasnovas 
Creative Director: Daniela Varela
Account Managers: Gianna Summa, Elisa Martinez
Managing Director: Vivien Jalade 
Producers: Gianna Summa, Daniela Varela
3D Artists & Post Production: Bernat Casasnovas, Albert Carruesco, Thais Altes, Gerard Bernal, Nestor Ramos
Character Animation: Ariel Garcia 
2D Animation: Marina San Juan, Antoine Duong
Composing: David Gomez 
NYC Production Team: The Harbinger Media Group Inc. 
Sound Design: Josep Sanou 
Benefit Cosmetic Creative Team: Amber Schadewald, Mon Thai

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