Benefit Cosmetics are like your super funny, free-spirited, badass girlfriends.
You count on them to always have your back, to break some rules and be down for a good time.

By collaborating closely with the brand, we took its biggest asset: their packaging aesthetic and created a fun character that delivers the brand's promise. 

We wanted to spread the laugh and were more-than-happy (pun intended) to communicate this joyful global message around 44 countries.
The success was such that we did the Miss Happy Campaign 2.0 for the following summer.
made with ♥ by Orchid Création

3D Creative Team Lead and 3D Artist: Bernat Casasnovas 
Creative Director: Daniela Varela
Account Managers: Gianna Summa, Elisa Martinez
Managing Director: Vivien Jalade 
Producers: Gianna Summa, Daniela Varela
3D Artists & Post Production: Bernat Casasnovas, Albert Carruesco, Thais Altes, Gerard Bernal, Nestor Ramos
Character Animation: Ariel Garcia 
2D Animation: Marina San Juan, Antoine Duong
Composing: David Gomez 
NYC Production Team: The Harbinger Media Group Inc. 
Sound Design: Josep Sanou 
Benefit Cosmetic Creative Team: Amber Schadewald, Mon Thai
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