Sprite wanted to inspire Youth and promote their brand values, which nowadays meet the ones their target are preaching and practicing: Creativity, Individuality and Discovery. In order to do so, we decided to communicate this, on their most valuable communication asset: their can. Sprite gave full control of its can to their consumer: it was the first time in SEA that a brand provided this kind of opportunity, with no rules whatsoever, for their consumer to express themselves.
Also, it was important the collaboration that happened between Sprite and Google, since their partnership launched the campaign into a complete different level that was showcased in the results which we just got from the final audit (August 2015). The value of this partnership, with Google's tools and Ad Network, not only helped Sprite reached its goals, but also celebrates a new era of digital marketing available for all brands.
Mastehead: click here to experience it
Masthead unexpanded with TVC playing options
CTA inviting to craft your own canvas
Expanded providing options to choose your tools
Get crazy and unleash your inner artist
Voila! Your can is ready to share in social and will participate on the contest.
Case Study
made with ♥ by Google + Phibious Vietnam + The Coca-Cola Company

Executive Director: Nicole Marold
Senior Account Executive (Google): Uyen Tran
Senior Account Executive (Coca-Cola): Van Hong
Account + Project Manager: Son Troung
Creative Group Head: Daniela Varela
Designers: Van Do, Truc Dinh
Content Writer: Daniela Varela

G+ Plus Development: Google
Web Production (Youtube, DoubleClick Media Rich Media): Toaster 

TV Production: Yeti Films
Case Production Director: Matias Legaria

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