Who knew Hokkien and Spanish would be so similar?
 Without noticing it, by cursing we are making statements we might not even agree with.

 If we want to hurt a woman, we call her out by being easy or cheap, always measuring her value towards men.
When we curse at men, we always attack their manhood by calling them a "pussy" or a "motherfucker", never a "fatherfucker"
That's why we created Fatherfkr, an Instagram initiative to generate awareness of the underlying kind of violence that is deeply incorporated and ingrained in our daily lives, in every single culture around the word, without us even noticing. ​​​​​​​
We crafted a different kind of video tutorial, with cursing examples from all over the world. The variety of insults we faced was so broad we invited people to contribute their own on our website to help us make this point: "1560 insults are the first sign of a violent behavior. What's your insult?" #96 Motherfucker: from latin / a person who fucks moms/ 

The most important thing for us, as female creatives and communicators, was believing in the power of a great idea. Even the smallest one done properly, at the very perfect time and place, has power to change the wor(l)d.
And those changes must start now.
When people ask us why we did this, we keep replying a simple answer many can't understand: simple because we can. People inside the industry have a hard time understanding why we pursuit forward doing this without getting a client or a brand on board, and still our answer remains unchanged. ​​​​​​​
Believing in people's power and pursuing what one is convinced is the right thing to do, is for us, best way to celebrate this 8M. ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

made with ♥ by Daniela Varela, Harshmeet Kholi, Larissa Vaz 
Copywriter: Daniela Varela
Graphic designer: Harshmeet Kholi 
Art Direction / Web Design: Larissa Vaz 
Special thanks to: Amarjeet Kaur, Samantha Chong, Sion Touhig
Edition: H&O Production
Web design: MediaPop

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