The program is held at public schools across the United States via a "Be Internet Awesome Kit" which we helped build. It consists of personalized PixelBooks, Internaut-shaped USB drives, posters and banners, Parent and Teacher guides as well as a trophy to recognize the school after the program has been completed.
Our renders while conceptualizing the box and its elements:
We also sought to create a unique unboxing experience
Which we designed and produced, making sure each layer was more delightful than the last.
800 kits were produced and shipped all across the United States, and kids, parents and teachers loved it!
The final - and beautiful - Be Internet Awesome Kit
Be Internet Awesome Box
Be Internet Awesome Box
Opt 1) USB - Chromebook - Chromebook Pen
Opt 2) USB - Personalized Moleskine - Pen
For Opt.1, we'll have the charger behind the Chromebook
Double Sized, Bi-lingual Posters
Family Guides in both, Spanish and English with a little surprise!
This program provides digital literacy not only to kids but also to many families. That's why we developed all the assets in both, English and Spanish, to guarantee its full access and comprehension.
Be Internet Awesome Program has an online platform called Interland that works as support for the literature and concepts taught during classes. Interland is habited by little Internauts, those friendly robots who learn Internet best practices while playing.

made with ♥ by Orchid Création

Creative Direction: Quentin Vernet, Daniela Varela
Copywriter & Translation: Daniela Varela 
3D Artists: Flavio Montiel, Phillipe Therry
Art Directors: Quentin Vernet, Ming Hsuan Lee
Account Managers: Gianna Summa, Tara Koetzner 

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