Today, around 50% of the Web is in English, which 80% of the world's population can't read. 
One in Six people with Internet access uses Google Translate. 
By adding Google Translate Community Option to the Google Translate Product, Google developed a crowd sourced translation tool on a web + mobile optimized platform that enables every user to contribute to their own language, whenever and wherever he wants. 

We launched Google Translate + Google Translate Community in Vietnam, in Ho Chi Minh City and in Ha Noi, with a later translate-a-thlon in Da Nang as well, to improve the Vietnamese language online.
We wanted to do so in a quirky way, with a fun and relaxed design. 
With 3 other countries in South East Asia, Vietnam became part of the Pilot of this Project which not only had a major impact, increased and improved the translations, while generating awareness of the product in SEA markets, but also became the role model to apply in 2016 for other markets worldwide.
Contributor Certificate
The results were not only awesome but very meaningful, which make the whole team super proud.
From startup hubs in Yangon to university campuses in Vietnam, Bangladesh and Thailand, over 100 Love your Language translate-a-thons were held, bringing together passionate volunteers to crowdsource over 10 million words. --->That is 17 times the words in War and Peace or 12 times the words in the English version of the Bible! 
Love your Language Khmer - Cambodia
Love your Language Vietnam Edition
Love your Language Khmer - Cambodia
Our amazing crew of LYL Vietnam @ Phibious
Example of localization on how it got replicated for the Cambodian market, where 16 million people speak Khmer
(or "Camay"/"Cambodian", the official language).
Giving people a way to share their language expertise has resulted in the quality of Bengali translations now being twice as good as they were before human review. 
While in Thailand, Google Translate learned more Thai in seven days with the help of volunteers than in the whole year previously.
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Google + Phibious Vietnam
Executive Director: Nicole Marold
Senior Account Executive: Uyen Tran
Account: Son Troung

Creative Group Head: Daniela Varela
Designers: Livio Grossi, Dimas Agung, Van Do
Copywriter: Mama Hien

PR Lead: Diep Que Anh
PR Executive: Trang Le
Social Media Strategist: Thuy Nguyen

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