I love storytelling, and technology is no stranger to this phenomena.
Here's a little bit of my research on content, practice, and production in the Age of Streaming Television.
A couple of lifetimes ago, together with my colleague Anne Kaun, we wrote the chapter named: The Netflix Experience, a user-focused approach to the Netflix recommendation algorithm.

Humanizing the algorithm, recognizing that data is never “just data” but people, helps us create better content, more accurate recommendations and better performing services and platforms.
The chapter is empirically based on material gathered through a walkthrough of Netflix (Light et al) and in-depth interviews with heavy Netflix users. The chapter suggests to
re-think the role of the user for algorithmically enhanced cultural production. 
It is extremely important to celebrate those untold stories and unsung heroes that, thanks to streaming services and consumers’ demands are being heard, produced and told. 

Based on our findings, we consider users as co-producers of content, contributing data and knowledge through their practices to the platform development and consequently, to its success. 
Before publishing them, I presented our findings at the Association of Internet Researchers - Montreal 2018: 
Special thanks to Anne Kaun. 
2019, Published with ♥ by Peter Lang Publishing. 
Available on Amazon

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