Vietnam is the third biggest video content consumption country in the world. Gen Z and Vietnamese YouTube Creators are partly responsible of this. We were asked to gather top Vietnamese Creators for networking and workshops. The up-and-coming creators in Vietnam are changing the way we think, live and entertain while helping shape the marketing + advertising industries in South East Asia.
We were responsible to make the event a success: from crafting engaging online and paper invites for YouTubers across Vietnam, to create the look and feel of the event, the building of the stage, the awards' design, the props and activities. 
Some results:

One full day where we EXCITED young Vietnamese to discover the true potential of Youtube in their lives.
We ESTABLISHED Youtube as the platform for Vietnamese to step up and expose themselves  to the world.
We help EDUCATED Gen Z, TV Stations and Partners by providing strategy and tools to encourage them to maximize the platform to their advantage. 
Google + Phibious Vietnam
Executive Director: Nicole Marold
Senior Account Executive: Uyen Tran
Account: Son Troung
Creative Group Head: Daniela Varela
Designers: Van Do, Truc Dinh.
PR Lead: Diep Que Anh
PR Excecutive: Trang Le
Social Media Strategist: Thuy Nguyen
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