Google Play Store provides entertainment to millions. Each year, they celebrate the enthusiasm and loyalty of their Android users and developers by creating "The Best of", a year contest where all the trendiest app from their store gains a spot on the fame podium. 

This year, they decided to update their visual identity to align with the Google Play Store updates. Also, 2018 was the first year they decided to incorporate a Fan's Choice award. So, this is where we came in and we started from the very beginning: from brand guidelines to video communication assets, we helped re-launched this global initiative for 6 markets.

We were very precise on the new messaging suggestion as well as on the needed trophy upgrade. We created unique identities for each category, with a holistic approach to the contest. 
From in-app teasers and banners, to major YouTube mastheads, the winners were celebrated across the web, and these was the recap videos we did to celebrate 2018 creativity greatness for The Best Of. 
made with ♥ by Orchid Creation 

Creative Director: Daniela Varela
Art Director: Quentin Vernet 
Motion Designer: Clement Herveau
Copywriter: Daniela Varela
Music Editor: Gerard Bernal, Clement Herveau
Project Manager: Tara Koetzner
Account Manager: Gianna Summa 

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